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Benefits Of Drink Milk And Sweet Milk Bottle Recipe

Benefits For Women Who Drink Milk Regularly

When Is The Best Time To Drink?
I still vaguely remember the once Premier Wen Jiabao, who advocated the vision of a catty of milk a day to strengthen the Humans. With the current living conditions, drinking milk is no longer an unattainable thing, but we usually see the children the most. Drink milk every day. Today I will sort out the benefits of women who drink milk regularly.

What Are The Benefits of Women Who Often Drink Milk

1. Prevention of menstrual syndrome: Many girls now have menstrual syndrome. This group of people needs to drink more milk. Milk contains sufficient calcium and vitamins to relieve pain. Girls with dysmenorrhea quickly drink, but must be heated before drinking.

2. Improve skin: Milk has the effect of beautifying and nourishing the skin. Drinking it regularly can make Pip more smooth, moisturized and shiny. Milk has a high content of pure protein, high-grade fat, minerals and vitamins, especially rich in vitamin B group, these nutrients can moisturize the skin to make it smooth and tender.

3. Lower blood pressure: Milk is rich in calcium, which helps lower blood pressure, and high blood pressure is an important cause of stroke. However, many researchers believe that there may be other ingredients in milk (maybe some biological activity?) that can prevent stroke.

4. Helps to lose weight: According to research, milk is rich in calcium, which can degrade fat in the human body. Calcium in milk can promote the body to produce more fat-degrading? It helps to burn body fat.

5. Anti-osteoporosis: middle-aged women before and after menopause often drink milk to slow down bone loss, thus reducing the effect of osteoporosis. Calcium in milk is easily absorbed, it is the best source of calcium for the human body, and the best food to prevent osteoporosis.

6. Calm and soothe the nerves: Milk contains a component that can inhibit excitement, can make people feel tired and sleepy, and can calm the nerves.

7. Stroke prevention: A study confirmed that drinking more than one cup of milk a day can prevent stroke. Another study also confirmed that regular drinking milk can reduce the risk of ischemic stroke. Under the same calcium intake, milk calcium has a stronger ability to reduce the risk of stroke.

Notes For Women Drinking Milk

1. Avoid sunlight. Vitamin B and C in fresh milk will disappear quickly when exposed to sunlight. Even weak sunlight for more than 6 hours will reduce vitamin B by half. Therefore, it is best to store milk in colored or opaque containers and store it in a cool place.

2, should not be frozen. After the milk is frozen, the fat and protein are separated, and the casein is powdered and condensed, the taste is obviously reduced, and the nutrients are not easily absorbed.

3. It is not suitable for long-term high-temperature cooking. The protein in milk will change from the sol state to the gel state under the action of high temperature, resulting in the appearance of sediment and the reduction of nutritional value.

4. Copperware is not suitable for heating. Copper can accelerate the destruction of vitamin C and has a catalytic effect on the chemical reactions that occur in milk, thus accelerating the loss of nutrients.

5. It is not suitable to drink with tea. Milk products are rich in calcium ions, and the tannic acid in tea will hinder their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

When Should Women Drink Milk

1. 1-2 hours after breakfast: Milk has a hypnotic and calming effect. The morning is the time for women to study and work vigorously. Drinking milk makes people feel drowsy, which is not good for study and work. It's good not to drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, but drink milk 1-2 hours after breakfast. Food in the stomach prevents the shortcomings of drinking milk on an empty stomach. The heat supply for breakfast accounts for 25% to 30% of the human body's total heat demand. Drinking a glass of milk at breakfast, together with eggs or bread, can provide adequate nutrition. When drinking milk in the morning, you should also eat some starchy foods such as steamed buns, rice, bread, biscuits, snacks, etc., so that the milk can stay in the human stomach for a longer time, and the milk and gastric juice can fully decompose, so that the protein can be very high. Good digestion and absorption.

2, about 4 pm: It is better to drink milk before dinner.

3. Before going to bed at night: Because milk contains a kind of biochemical L-tryptophan that can make people tired and sleepy, and a trace amount of morphine substances, these substances have a certain sedative and hypnotic effect, especially L-tryptophan. It is the main raw material for the brain to synthesize hydroxycolor. Serotonin plays a key role in brain sleep. It can temporarily inhibit the brain's thinking activities, so that people want to sleep without any side effects, and the milk sticks to the stomach wall for absorption. Calcium in milk can also clear tension, so it is more beneficial to women's sleep, so drinking milk at night is good for women's rest and sleep.

How To Make Sweet Milk Bottle Recipe Video

Commercial Style Milk Bottle Ingredients List

Milk 2 Litter
White Sugar 200 Grams OR 
or According To Your Taste
Bread Slices 5 Piceces
Corn Stach 1 Tbs
Kewra Essence 1/2 Tbs
Almond OR Other Dry Fruits By Your Choice
Water 1 To 1.5 Littre

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