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How To Make Mutton Tallow With Fat

Importances Of Meat For Health

Meat Consumption is very important to health, despite what vegetarians say, it is known that meat is rich in protein that contains almost all of the essential amino acids necessary for health, and meat is also rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, selenium, phosphorous and niacin. Meat also contains very few starches and very little fiber. There is evidence that lamb is nutritionally better than beef for several reasons.

The Percentage Of Fat in Beef And Lamb

The percentage of fat in meat depends on the quality of the animal, how it is raised and the type of food it has. But in general, you can tell how much fat is in meat by looking at the color of the meat, because meat is reddish and has less fat than meat that is lighter in color. The animal's nutrition has a tangible effect on the amount of fat in it. The sheep that come from open pastures (graze grass and fodder) have one-third less fat than sheep that are of similar weight and are fattened by feeding them with grains such as barley and others!
In general, a comparison can also be made between lamb / lamb and beef, as we find that about 113 grams (equal to about the weight of two medium-sized eggs) of lamb meat gives about 170 calories and contains 6 grams of fat. The same amount of beef gives 180 calories and contains 9 grams of fat.

Unlike beef, it is good that most of the fat (grease) in lamb is concentrated in the outer layer that follows the skin, in the form of a crust that covers the meat. Most of the grease can be removed from the skin by scraping it off with a sharp knife before slicing and cooking the meat.

The Amount Of Fat In Lamb Body

The amount of fat differs in the different parts of the carcass (lamb), the legs, hands (limbs), neck, shoulder, back, and ribs. The legs and hands are the most voluminous and the least fat (especially after scraping the outer shell that covers them), and the meat from them is less than the other parts of the carcass in number of calories (due to the lack of fat in them). The back, and after it the shoulders, follow the limbs in the amount of fat and the number of calories. The ribs are the ribs, which are the richest of the carcass in both fat and calories.

How To Using Fat In Human Food

The latest modern eating techniques state that whole foods are healthier than refined and processed. So, do not throw away the pieces of grease that you scrape off the meat, but cut them into small pieces and put them in a pot with a lid over a low heat until they melt and soften the fat. The liquid fat from it is delicious natural ghee rich in nutrients. As for what was left of small pieces of fat that did not melt, our ancestors used to call it khula, and if meat was not available, they put some of it in grits, maraqouq and other things, so that it would give their dishes a taste and benefit. And what I am saying may not seem true, but this natural ghee and taking it off is healthier than refined vegetable oils such as corn, canola and sunflower oils whose chemical composition changes due to the refining processes and loses their nutrients.

Make Tallow With Rendering Mutton Fat For Cooking Recipe Video

Mutton Tallow Without Smell Ingredients List

Mutton OR Beef Fat 2 Kg
Cloves 4 Pieces
Cinnamon Stick 1 Inch
Green Cardamom 4 Pieces

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